Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Big Red Slurpee

I remember the day clearly.
It was a beautiful, beginning of the summer day.  Nate was in the mood for a Slurpee. Visiting our local 7-11 is one of Natie's favorite things to do.  Having a Slurpee is right up there too. I truly believe that a big red Slurpee can cure almost all that ails you. Nate is the Mayor of our local store.  He is the greeter. He is welcomed. He is loved.

(Nate did have pants on that day.)
On this day Nate chose to dress up as Elmo. 

I have never directed Nate on what to be. Or  how to be it. Nate is Nate.  For better - for worse.
Some days dressed like Elmo.

We jump in the car and I am about to pull out when the older kids spot us. Hey "free Slurpee's?"
They  pile on in.  They give Elmo a chuckle and in minutes we are in front of our local store. (Yes, maybe it is only 3 blocks away. If we walk,  Nate  fakes a bum hip on the way home).

My oldest son realizes what is just about to happen.  He shouts, "No way is Nate going in dressed as Elmo!"

Sure he is.

Nate proudly swings open the door and shouts "I"m here".  The owner greets Nate with a "Hello

No it's ME Nate!!!!   And Nate begins to giggle.  He cannot believe he pulled off his impersonation.

Its funny.  The older you get you realize that it just doesn't matter what you wear. 
Khaki's and polo's do not define you.  Its your true self that radiates above and beyond the cotton and threads.  The costumes  we choose to adorn ourselves with are merely shields.  Its what lies beneath that matters.  
Doesn't it?
I don't have to teach Nate to dress to the worlds standards.  I need to teach my sons to accept that he is who he is.

"I Am Who I AM."
I am Nate.

If you don't like fluffy red characters. Turn the other way.

I will not conform to your rules. Follow me instead.
Live loud.  Live brave. Live happy.  Live red and furry.


  1. Love the story! I want to teach Nate about another place that can make you feel good. That would be Target! Bummed and feeling blue that store can cheer anyone up!!!

    love u guys!